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Strengthen & Empower

with Rachel's Instructional and Inspirational Fitness Videos

Rachel Rubin is renowned for her approach to connecting the mind body and spirit through exercise. Her signature Kettlebell Kundalini method is her creation and compilation of the most effective and impactful practices for physical, mental and spiritual strength. This complete approach positively influences your overall health and empowers you to transform from the inside out. 


Kettlebell Kundalini

Tap into your power and realize your potential with this energizing and enlightening exercise experience.

2 videos included in pack ]

yoga 1.png

Vinyasa Yoga

Slow down and sync with your breath with this deeply connected yoga practice. Forget how you should look and feel into your flow. 

2 videos included in pack ]

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KK & Yoga Bundle

Kettlebell Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga are perfect compliments to building a powerful and grounded mind and body. 

[ 2 KK + 2 Yoga

 videos included in pack ]

After purchase, all videos are yours to access and view whenever, forever.