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Use these instructional videos to help you create your workout!

Warm up + Functional Body Weight + Kettlebells + Plyometrics + Core Strengthening + Total Body Stretching + Power Yoga

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Hit every muscle in your body and heighten your energy with this high intensity dynamic kettlebell workout!

Now that it's nice out grab yourself and your kettlebell and use the space outdoors for a great total body workout!

Cover some ground with these creative kettlebell moves that hit every part of your body! Train your coordination and strength by practicing these both with one and two bells to challenge yourself. Get it and get totally fit!

Grab yourself a couple rags or anything that allows for gliding and get your body moving! These exercises are awesome for core strength, awareness and control and hit every muscle in your body. Give them a try!
All you need is a rag and your floor to challenge your body and amp up your workout. Place your feet or hands on the rag and move in linear or circular motions. Hold your core in tight as you move to help you stay strong and stabilized. Get it!
Master these moves for a strong foundation for all kettlebell exercises!

Pick 3 bells of progressing weight increments. Perform 15 swings for each weight and get through all 3 sets. Once you have a swing down this is the way to challenge yourself even more.

TRX Suspension Training is an awesome way to switch up your workout routine and still blast every muscle in your body every time. This TRX workout is a mix between lower body and killer core moves. So hook yourself in and get it!

Quick Total Body Kettlebell Workout:

1. Step Back High Pull: Feet hip width apart. Step back and behind, letting kb come down with your lunge. As you step back and in, high pull the kb by punching your elbow back (bottom of the bell faces forward). Contract your core, belly button in, as you step in and pull. 15x/side

2. Double Lunge Press: Start kb at chest, feet hip width. Take a Big step back as you press the kb overhead. Suck your core in to help you press. Push off that front heel to meet your back leg. Step the same foot forward in a deep lunge, again pressing the kb overhead. That's 1. Do a round of 15 leading with each leg.

3. Snatch Pull Down: Feet hip width, strong stance. Drop the kb in, explode up and snatch it overhead and over your wrist. Use the power from your core to help you lift the bell. Now slowly pull down to your kb hold (thumb in the middle of your chest as an indicator). Clean it down and explode right back up. 15x/side

Get it!