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30 days of guided mind, body, spirit strengthening with Rachel

This program is designed to give you the powerful and practical tools to transform your self in an integrative way that will take profound positive, long lasting effect on your life. 

Transformation is the process of releasing the hold of old, fixed, stressful ways that no longer serve you and focusing your energy on building new empowering feel-good, healthy ways of being. This process is unique to each of us and TRANSFORM in 2017 is here to guide you through your own self discovery to create a life that is aligned with the true self. You are your own teacher and this program will help you find and listen to your own voice! 

2017 is the year to make it happen! In numerology this approaching year is the most powerful energetically. When a new cycle starts (a 1 (2+0+1+7) year), creation is the dynamic force for change. Join this program and experience the actual power of potential. This is the year you don't live based on your one resolution, but learn to live everyday confidently in resolute with passionate purpose and greater well being.

invest in yourself. you are worth it. 

$155 for the entire program! 

ALL content, video workOuts and audio workIns are yours to keep and access whenever forever!

30 days to create lasting change

TRANSFORM in 2017 is a 30 day program designed to guide you through personal transformation. Each week we will dive into a concept that when developed and embodied will give you the foundation for fulfillment in life. These core concepts progressively build upon each other to allow you to access, engage with, and heal your body as a whole.

Each day you will receive a "Daily Shift" email from Rachel that introduces knowledge aimed at increasing awareness and shifting perception. This will awaken integral aspects of the self that are needed to live a more meaningful existence. The more we open and learn, the more we grow and in turn change our lives. For the better.

Transformation treatment

Each week a different concept will be highlighted and supported by subconcepts to facilitate in deeper understanding of how this idea translates into your everyday life.

There is a workOut and workIn each week to be performed in conjunction with the knowledge received. This allows you to embody the concepts in experiential practice; to incorporate them into your life and actually strengthen the change. 

All information will be sent to you in personal email. It is important that this transformation process be very much just for you. For you to go inward. And for you, and only as you can, to experience the effects as they occur in your mind, body and life. Don't worry, everyone in your life will positively change as well based on the ripple effect.


We will begin by developing the most foundational aspects of self where all else is built from. Here we will redefine fitness and establish an understanding of the mind and body for function and life long strength.

workOut: Kettlebell Kundalini

workIn: Breath Work



We will then build on a strong foundation by acknowledging and understanding the concept of flow. Here we will address the idea of conditioning and reconditioning, accessing true desires and working with emotion.

workOut: Vimana Yoga

workIn: Journaling



Now that you laid some ground work, it's time to tap into your personal power. This week will focus on your true will and taking intentional action to move forward in a positive productive way.

workOut: intenSati 

workIn: Intentional Action



We culminate in this course by recognizing the fact that when we access and live in higher consciousness, all decisions, whether easy or difficult, big or small, are driven only by love. This is the universal lesson.

workOut: Kettlebell Kundalini Yoga Series

workIn: Guided Meditation 


take control of your destiny. make the choice to change your life.

there is no better time than now.


Powerful Movement methods for your mind & body

These workouts have been chosen to give you a specific mind body energetic experience that is supportive of optimal overall well being. Each strategically sequenced to offer you the practice necessary for growth and expansion.

ALL workOut videos are yours to keep and access forever whenever! These 4 workouts are potentially all you need to stay fit for life!


Vimana Yoga

Vimana is an integrative yoga that combines the discipline of Bikram and the flow of yoga in a beautiful mind body practice.

Purple Kettlebell.png


Kettlebell Kundalini is my signature mind body exercise that utilizes the power of the kettlebell and creative movement. This workout helps you deepen your mind body connection, tap into your power and realize your potential.


intenSati Workout

intenSati is a high intensity mindful practice that combines movement with affirmations to allow you to embody positive productive states of being.


About your guide

(THat's me, Rachel!)


This is my true purpose, what has spoken to me as my life's work and has brought me immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Through my own personal process of transformation I have felt the immense lifelong scope of this work and also strongly recognized the need for it for each and every one of us. That is why I am dedicated to the service of helping people feel better every day in who they are, mind, body and spirit. The practical and powerful methods that I teach connect every aspect of the self and result in increased strength and positive productivity. 

I value more than any other human process, the one of knowing the true self and acting in life accordingly. This means making intentional choices and embodying the power of higher consciousness. This is the path/process of happiness. To passionately love living. No matter what it brings.

I connect with so many in this way and with humility have witnessed inspiring transformations through my retreats, workshop events, personal coaching, fitness classes and as a New Balance ambassador.


working with Rachel

this program is for you!

TRANSFORM in 2017 is designed to meet you where you're at. For everyone from journey beginners to more advanced practitioners, you will acquire true value from this material. I feel very strongly about this program being accessible to everyone and understand we all need to pay bills! But this is $5/day for 1 month. You could justify anything in life, or you could just go for it! The value in the content you are obtaining here is immeasurable when you acknowledge the true value of living a fulfilled feel good life. The knowledge and tools given, when implemented with consistency and commitment, are GUARANTEED to change the way you live and experience life. So in reality this program is priceless! And you can access the material anytime and anywhere!


What do I need for this program?  

A kettlebell (purchase HERE and use code: fitwithrachel for 5% off and free shipping! - I suggest starting with a 10 and/or 15 lb, or 4kg and/or 6kg), a journal and an open mind and heart.

Are the videos mine to keep? 

Yup! All video content is prerecorded and yours to keep and access wherever, whenever!

Is there an in-person component to this? 

There is not! This is a virtual program where all interaction will be done through email. I will be directly sending you all the content you need.

Is the journaling shared? 

Nope! Everything in this program is for you only. The process of transformation is very personal and I'm just acting as your guide. You can share as much or as little with whoever you want in your life. I suggest keeping it sacred as you go though.

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