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"Being Fit With Rachel means Being Fit For Life"

You may have seen my clips on facebook and instagram.  Now follow my entire mind, body, and spirit routines in HD quality anytime, day or night.


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This unique program takes a complete approach to your life and well-being. The only way to create lasting change on your path to a more positive and productive life. Treating your body as one functioning unit will result in one super being :) I will teach you exercise and practice that will expand and enlighten your being, giving you access to your highest power within. Workout videos, guided meditations, oneness blessings, community support, special guest vlogs. All to keep you on track to the greatest expression of your self and the best most fulfilling life.
The purpose of this program is to awaken you to your pure and full potential. To guide you deep into your mind, body, soul and spirit to enhance your life and get you in command. To connect you to your true self and the oneness of existence. To decondition from cultural suppressants and recondition you as your true expression. To a place where you can hold the sacred space of happiness for yourself everyday. With this membership you have all-the-time access to these main feeds. Each will house videos of practice and exercises that will connect you with and enliven your mind, body, soul and spirit. You receive weekly emails with writings from me and a schedule of the upcoming live events. Hang out with me live or visit the feed for the instantly updated video at your convenience. Each week will be different with intention and practice 

Mind -

Your mind plays a huge role in the success and happiness of your life. You must understand its workings and befriend it as your best because it is a leader in your life and an integral part of your whole. We will declutter and master the mind through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, conscious conversation, reconditioning and brain exercises that will challenge your choice and will. 

Body -

Your body is the form and foundation of your existence. You were given this life in this physical dimension. Connecting to this basic existence of you and fostering strength and fortitude will allow you to ground in yourself and also reach higher level goals. We will tap into and tackle any body image issue and blanket you with confidence every where you go. Practices for your beautiful body will include bodyweight exercise, kettlebell training, yoga and stretching, corrective exercise, and nutrition tips and tutorials. 

Spirit -

Your spirit is within you and all around you. It is you soul and it's expression that is born as you enter this life. It is your personal energetic field, your aura, and all things that come in contact with it. It is the light inside you that shines behind your eyes and attracts the world to you. We will learn all about energy and your spirit through this page. These elusive topics are so important for connecting to your highest self and living a life of pure fulfillment. Practices will include meditations, energy work, emotional healing, vibrational fun and angel connection. The amazing thing about your spirit is that all things body and mind contribute to a clearer, brighter you.

Support Page -

This forum is for our community of members. Transparency is an important aspect of individual growth. When you connect with others and share trials and successes, it allows for the knowing that we all have similar experiences. This acknowledgement allows for openness and security in whatever you may go through on your journey. We are all in this together and it is critical to know that you have the support of this community and myself throughout your process.

The mission of creating this membership was to provide you with safe and supportive guidance, cultivating all parts of you as a whole. Keeping you on track and on your personal and productive journey to freedom and success in all areas of life. I guarantee to change your everyday and your every way that does serve you, your loved ones and the greater good. With purposeful practice you will turn your world right side up. Once you tap in and see the miracles of life and feel the immediate change you will watch your life transform.

Balance and integrating all parts of your life. Being a mother, wife, partner, daughter, friend, business woman.

You will drop your gym membership, therapist, and any other dependencies because you soon will have all the tools to be fit to function and thrive in life confidently in your own self.  

Monthly Membership
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