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To All You Beauties,

My mission in creating this membership is to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to learn, grow and reach your true potential. I feel it is my duty to lead you and guide you to this precious place of self love and strength.

Whether you recognize negative patterns in your mind, barriers to your most fit body or blockages to enlivening your spirit, I am here now to help you create a positive lasting change in your life. To reprogram your mind, gain control of your body and enlighten your spirit from within. 

My goal is for you to achieve a self that feels its absolute best everyday and have the confidence in life to make your dreams a reality. Consider this space your haven now. Your place for supportive learning, growing and gaining the tools you need to be your best.

I so look forward to connecting with you! Lets do this!

So much Love and Light,


What is the Mind, Body, Spirit Membership?!

This membership is an extensive and enjoyable online subscription for creating a positive and productive life. I will provide you with an abundance of tools and practices to guide you to a life of fulfillment. You will interact with me and a community of energetic and motivated members looking to gain strength in all areas of their lives.

This membership consists of each a Mind, Body and Spirit feed that house videos, tutorials, audio tapings, play and work sheets, and so many other guides to help you gain strength, clarity and control in your life. Each week you will get an email indicating what will be posted and within the community that week. As a member you will have access to all feeds at your convenience, forever!  


More about Each Feed... 

The Mind

  • Learn how to befriend your mind
  • Gain control and train your thought processes
  • Develop healthy Mindfulness practice
  • Recognize patterns and learn to recondition
  • Use all parts of your brain: Working with your left and right
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Mindful Practices: Self Talk Strategies, Meditations, Journaling

The Body

  • Endless Full Workout Videos & Guides: Kettlebells, Yoga, Bodyweight Exercise, Corrective + Recovery Work and so much more!
  • Nutritional Guidance to fueling your body right with Recipes and Cooking Tutorials
  • Understand the form and function of your figure to keep you fit for life
  • Create a strong mind body connection that will change the way you workout
  • Tackle any body image issue and gain confidence in your self

The Spirit

  • Tap into your soul and learn to live its true expression
  • Develop awareness of your energetic field and those around you and learn to use this knowledge as a means to better the way you feel
  • Connect to the basic principles of the universe and the oneness that is all
  • Learn why breaking down leads to breaking through
  • Join with your highest self and feel the fun you can have together!
  • Spiritual Healing Practices will include: Chakra and Clearing Meditations, Energy and Vibrational Work, Angel and Spirit Guide Connection


The purpose of this Fit With Rachel program is to awaken you to your pure and full potential. To guide you deep into your mind, body, soul and spirit to enhance your life and get you in command. To connect you to your true self and the oneness of existence. To decondition from cultural suppressants and recondition you as your true expression. To a place where you can hold the sacred space of happiness for yourself everyday. With this membership you have all-the-time access to these main feeds. Each will house videos of practice and exercises that will connect you with and enliven your mind, body, soul and spirit. You will receive emails with writings from me and a schedule of the upcoming weekly live events. Hang out with me live or visit the feed for the instantly updated video at your convenience. 

This unique program takes a complete approach to your life and well-being, to help you create a lasting change on your path to a more positive and productive life.  I will guide you with the tools and practices to expand, enlighten, and gain access to your highest power within. Through my guidance and your hard work, you will awaken to your pure potential, the greatest expression of you, and will be on track to your most fulfilling life.

Cost Info....

This $11.11 cost is indicative of your intention to transform and awaken yourself. Each month proceeds from your fee will go to She's The First organization. By you changing your world, you are also changing the world. This is the foundation of your enlightened path to creating change in your life and the life of others. 


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How you are going to use what you learn....

Each week you will receive an email indicating the schedule of Mind, Body, Spirit virtual events. Events will include workouts, meditations, discussions, guest leaders and all things to enhance your well being. Access these virtual events and interactive online gatherings through members only feeds and forums. All happenings will be unique to topics with practices specific for creating new and compounding change in your life. 

With your monthly pass you will have access to all live events and also at all times as they will archive for reference as convenient for you. You can also watch your favorites as many times as you wish!

The mission of creating this membership is to provide you with safe and supportive guidance, cultivating all parts of you as a whole. To keep you on track and on your personal and productive journey to freedom and success in all areas of life. I guarantee to change your everyday and your every way that does not serve you, your loved ones and the greater good. With purposeful practice you will turn your world right side up. Once you tap in and see the miracles of life and feel the immediate change, watch in awe with happiness as your life transforms.

It is my guarantee to you that you will drop your gym membership, therapist, and any other dependencies because Fit With Rachel membership will give you all the tools to be fit to function and thrive in life confidently as your own self.  

Mind, Body, Spirit Community Support

A key component of this membership is the support of all members as a community. There will be an interactive forum to communicate and express anything you are going through or have experienced with the program. I will also be there for you at all times to help you with whatever you need. Transparency is an important aspect of individual growth. When you connect with others and share trials and successes, it allows for the knowing that we are all the same at our core. This acknowledgement allows for openness and security in whatever you may go through on your journey. We are all in this together and it is critical to know that you have the support of this Fit With Rachel community and myself throughout your process.

Accelerate your...