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REVEAL in 2018


31 days of guided personal revolution with Rachel

How can you take your New Years resolution and create a lasting revolution on your life?

This program is designed to give you the powerful, practical tools to transform your mind, body and spirit in an integrative way that will make profound, positive impact on your life.

The process of personal revolution is based on making the choice to change your internal and external world to better match what you desire and believe. To decide to go within and live it out.

This REVEALtionary process is a deep dive into self discovery. It must be done in a very particular and progressive way to garner the results that will take you from feeling stuck to feeling free. You will confront your old stories that no longer serve you and give way to new, empowered supportive states of being.

It's time to shed your layers, cast light on your life and live in your truth.

invest in your well-being. you are worth it. 

$149 for the entire program!  

(January 1-31, 2018)

All material is distributed through email and yours to keep and access whenever wherever!

guidance and practices you recieve in reveal

This method is designed with the purpose of creating mind, body and energetic experiences to deepen internal awareness and support change for optimal overall well-being. All parts are strategically and progressively crafted to carefully yet courageously support growth, healing and expansion in all areas of your life.


- Weekly workout videos: Rachel's signature Kettlebell Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow

- Weekly guided meditations and breath practices

- Daily Insight and Inquiry emails

- Private Facebook Group with weekly FB lives with Rachel covering topics of personal transformation

- Tons of exciting extras and surprises along the way!


{ALL material is delivered directly to your inbox between January 1-31, 2018}


inquire & Inspire

Dive into daily emails from Rachel containing insight and topics to inquire internally. This is your opportunity to reflect and consider your connection with your desires, beliefs and experiences with your world. This tool is a vehicle to become a witness to the self and deepen your relationship with who you are. The resulting awareness allows you to consciously direct your energy and constructively choose how you respond, react and relate to your surroundings and relations.



Embody your new awareness through Rachel's powerful movement practices. She will instruct you through workout experiences that will change the way you approach your body and exercise for life. Her signature Kettlebell Kundalini will ground you and take your strength and energy to new heights and her Vinyasa Flow will align you properly and sync your mind, body and breath.


meditate & breathe

Learn simple yet significant tools for creating clarity in your mind and connection with your breath. You will receive guided meditations and breath practices that you can implement throughout your days and take with you beyond the REVEAL program. Rachel has a way of streamlining these practices to make them easily accessible and impactful for anyone.



Become a part of a community with the private REVEAL in 2018 Facebook group. Choose to share and express and hold space for others as well. The support ignited when we share in experience has profound effect on the momentum of growth. Rachel will also facilitate weekly live videos to engage and interact with you and the topics being addressed in the program.



Rachel is eager to share with you other resources and useful, fun practices that will add to your expansion and growth through this program. She is most excited about the bookending of the month with full moons and looks forward to giving you the guidance to harness this power with tools to clear and manifest. 

Change is not to be feared. It is to be celebrated.
— Rachel Rubin

31 days to create lasting change

The topics covered in REVEAL in 2018 are aimed at shedding layers that keep you from growth, casting light on the your strengths and desires, and revealing your truth to give you empowered direction. When addressed, these themes will lay the framework for your continued path to living with purpose, peace and pure joy.


shed layers

  • Build a relationship with your shadow side
  • Acknowledge your stories that no longer serve you 
  • Take accountability & responsibility for your choices
  • Examine your relationships in all arenas 
  • Consider how you contribute to separation
  • Get to know your patterns and parts of your personality



cast light

  • Become a witness to your self
  • Create clarity in your mind
  • Claim your true desires
  • Recognize and own your strengths
  • Understand humanhood within yourself and others
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Manage your energy
  • Honor the rights you are born with 




reveal truth

  • Strengthen connections within and with others
  • Empower your progressive states of being
  • Realize gifts and relish in your creativity
  • Recognize purpose and develop yours
  • Self actualize your new awareness
  • Align your actions with your decided desires
  • Experience joy and internal peace

About your guide

you are your own teacher, and rachel is here to teach you just that


Being a guide to greater well-being is my true purpose. My life's work is based around being the greatest facilitator of change for all that I touch. I myself have experienced immense transformation in my life that has all been based on aligning with my own internal compass. For that is our teacher. I am here just to guide you with the tools and practices to connect and listen. 

Through my own personal process of transformation I have felt the immense lifelong scope of this work and also strongly recognized the need for it for each and every one of us. That is why I am dedicated to the service of helping people feel better every day in who they are, mind, body and spirit. The practical and powerful methods that I teach connect every aspect of the self and result in increased well-being and an overall deeper connection with your human experience. 

I value more than any other human process, the one of knowing the true self and aligning life accordingly. This means making intentional choices and embodying the power of higher consciousness. This is the path/process of true fulfillment and internal peace. When you are deeply connected with your internal compass you can be in connected control of your life no matter what it brings. 

Outside of this program, I guide many through retreat experiences, movement classes and personal transformation. Check out Rise Gatherings for all info about retreats and Fitness With Rachel for my class schedule and to schedule personal sessions with me.

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working with Rachel

this program is for you!

REVEAL with Rachel  is for ALL! All who desire deeper connection with themselves and the world around you. For everyone from journey beginners to more advanced practitioners, you will acquire true value from this material. I feel very strongly about this program being accessible to everyone and understand we all must meet the daily demands. But this is not even $5/day for 1 month! You could justify anything in life, or you could just go for it! The value is immeasurable when you acknowledge the true value of living with greater well-being in connected control. The knowledge, tools and practices provided, when implemented with consistency and commitment, are GUARANTEED to change the way you live and experience life and can continue to be applied in any stage and phase of life. REVEAL then, in reality this is priceless!


What do I need for this program?  

A kettlebell (purchase HERE and use code: fitwithrachel for 5% off and free shipping! - I suggest starting with a 10 and/or 15 lb, or 4kg and/or 6kg), a journal and an open mind and heart.

Are the Workout videos mine to keep? 

Yup! All content is prerecorded and yours to keep and access wherever, whenever!

Is there an in-person component to this? 

There is not! This is a virtual program where all interaction will be done through email. I will be directly sending you all the content you need.

All images by Nicole Polk