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Projects & Events

Kettlebell Kundalini Workshop at MomentOm

Rachel Rubin


 Sunday December 6th 11am-2pm 

 MomentOm Studio :: 261 Old York Rd Suite 105A, Jenkintown PA 

Kettlebell Kundalini is a strength training and energy practice that will enhance each part of you and propel you to your full potential. 

This workshop includes a comprehensive learning of your energy channel and practice of kettlebell exercise. Each chakra will be discussed as to how it effects you and how you experience life and will be combined with a workout to target each center to strengthen its function.

Ground in your Strength

Tap into your Power

Find your Flow

Train your Balance

Communicate through Movement

Create Conscious Connection


Kettlebell Kundalini is a unique program solely developed and taught by Rachel Rubin. She has witnessed complete transformations and invites you to open your mind, body and spirit to feel its effects and change the way you exercise and live your life.

▲ $50 workshop only :: $75 workshop + a kettlebell of your very own 

▲ Kettlebells provided for use

▲ Bring a journal and water

Soul {a nutritious super fuel} will be provided

 Limited spots available!

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