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Be You Be Sure

Rachel Rubin

Just recently I was introduced to the Be You Be Sure team and movement. You may believe in fate, but this was synchronicity at its best. At this time in my life I am focused on developing and sharing my mission to help others believe in themselves and create a life of value. Not value based on societal standards or what is thought to bring happiness. But truth and a fulfilling life based on who you are, what you're made of and how you can be the best, strongest most beautiful you. 

This is what Be Your Be Sure is all about. Encouraging young people to discover who they are, what they believe in and how they can live a life of purpose. This incredible team travels the country in an RV interviewing hundreds of twenty-somethings about identity, society, culture, adversity, change, triumph and all things of real worth. From this, they are writing a book compiled of much needed lessons for all to learn. This movement is major and I teamed up with them because this is what our world needs. People focused on spreading love and life through each individual. Empowering one at a time to live their truth. With each one, the world will be touched and positive change with flourish. All in all, making you, me and the world a better more loving peaceful place :)

Check out their Indiegogo campaign to support the project and stay connected with the awesome team as they continue their mission and spread the movement!