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Projects & Events


Rachel Rubin

Join Rachel for an evening of mind body movement and inspiration. She will teach her signature Kettlebell Kundalini class that combines strength training with spiritual priniciples to give you an exercise experience like no other that is guaranteed to transform your life.

Sign up to secure your spot as space is limited!

$5 entry at the door.

BYOB - A new kind of BYO ;) Bring Your Own Kettlebell! - 10-15 lb kettlebells suggested.

No previous experience with kettlebells needed.




Rachel Rubin

Are you ready to positively change your life?! For good?! Then this program is for YOU.

I am finally so excited to to offer something virtual for all! I created this program so that we can now work together no matter where you are!

TRANSFORM in 2017 is my first (and forever envisioned) online program that allows me to connect much deeper with all of you and truly assist in your personal and life journey. From my heart into your hands TRANSFORM in 2017 is designed to give you the practical and powerful tools to create profound positive, long lasting change in your life

30 days of guided mind, body, spirit strengthening to give you the methods to greater well being. Give yourself a YES and experience guaranteed growth.

The Next Transformation Retreat

Rachel Rubin

I am so psyched to offer my next Transformation and Renewal Retreat, as a one day mind, body, spirit experience to expand your self and enhance your life! The summer retreat was such a beautiful success with all of the women connecting with themselves and each other so deeply, that I can't wait to share this with a new group of empowered people.

This day is truly about transforming how you approach your everyday and will without a doubt positively impact who you are and how you live. So JOIN ME and my friends in New Hope for this magical day! All details and sign up HERE! Space is limited so snag your spot now!

Check out the gorgeous peaceful space where the retreat day is held:

A Day of Transformation and Renewal

Rachel Rubin

Do you desire to learn? To lead a sustainable healthy life? To be more open? To know yourself better? To feel connected and in community? To lead a life of fullfillment and freedom?! To create inner peace and happiness?!

Then A Day of Transformation and Renewal was designed for YOU. This private one day retreat offers the environment and experiences to understand what it truly means to be healthy and fully engage your mind, body and spirit. To learn and adapt skills to free yourself from unserving patterns and develop new self supportive ones. To uncover and discover more layers of you and provide you with the tools to take your new learnings and revelations back into your every day life.

I teamed up with some super talented friends to host you at a beautiful estate home in New Hope to guide you through a day filled with: 

  • Practices to connect deeper with your self, including journaling (to be gifted upon arrival) and self discovery exercises. 
  • Guided meditation and breath work to release stress and recenter.
  • A Fitness With Rachel signature "Kettlebell Kundalini" workout to tap into your strength and realize your power and potential. This will unlock your mind body connection and provide you with the tools to help you actually hit your physical goals.
  • Chef Nicole LaTorre creator of "Eat Clean Org" will prepare a beautiful plant based lunch to nourish your day, along with her cold pressed bottled juices.
  • Tami Astorino, self made "vegan" and certified yoga teacher, will engage you in conversation about why plant based nutrition is easy and profound for your energy and self. Tami will also lead a mind body balancing Hatha Yoga class.
  • Enjoy peaceful personal time walking the 20 acres of nature or laying by the pool. 
  • Dive deeper into your life with one on one discovery sessions with Rachel.
  • Disconnect from your phone for a day free of distraction and full of inward focus.

Allow this day to hold you in a space to reflect and resolve.

Allow yourself to transform and renew.


Space is filling up fast and limited to the first 14 registrants so SIGN UP HERE NOW!

New Hope is less than 2 hours from NYC and 1 hour north of Philadelphia.

Wish to stay the night?! There are B&B options nearby in the quaint town of New Hope.

Questions or want to chat more about it? Please contact me at !

Kettlebell Kundalini 2016

Rachel Rubin

Kettlebell Kundalini is a strength training and energy practice that will transform and enhance your connection to yourself, your well being, and all dynamics of life. Learn how to use the incredible kettlebell to expand your mind body spiritual strength, tap into your power and realize your true potential. 

Rachel will guide you through various powerful practices focused on developing your functional strength and connecting you with your energetic self. Workshop will include basic and creative kettlebell movement, meditative breath work and discussion on understanding how your connection to your body directly relates to how you experience life.







Kettlebell Kundalini is a unique program solely developed and taught by Rachel Rubin. She has witnessed complete transformations and invites you to open your mind, body and spirit to feel its effects and change the way you exercise and live your life. 

▲ 2016 Workshops ▼ 

SUNDAY January 31st 1-4PM @ Zakti

 Zakti :: 744 S. 4th St Philadelphia, PA 

Sign Up Here!

SUNDAY February 7th 1-4PM @ Focus Fitness

 Focus Fitness :: 1111 E. Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr, PA 

Sign Up Here!


▲ Kettlebells provided for use and sale

▲ Bring a journal and water

▲ Soul {a nutritious super fuel} will be provided


Contact Rachel at with any questions or inquiries! 

Kettlebell Kundalini Workshop at MomentOm

Rachel Rubin


 Sunday December 6th 11am-2pm 

 MomentOm Studio :: 261 Old York Rd Suite 105A, Jenkintown PA 

Kettlebell Kundalini is a strength training and energy practice that will enhance each part of you and propel you to your full potential. 

This workshop includes a comprehensive learning of your energy channel and practice of kettlebell exercise. Each chakra will be discussed as to how it effects you and how you experience life and will be combined with a workout to target each center to strengthen its function.

Ground in your Strength

Tap into your Power

Find your Flow

Train your Balance

Communicate through Movement

Create Conscious Connection


Kettlebell Kundalini is a unique program solely developed and taught by Rachel Rubin. She has witnessed complete transformations and invites you to open your mind, body and spirit to feel its effects and change the way you exercise and live your life.

▲ $50 workshop only :: $75 workshop + a kettlebell of your very own 

▲ Kettlebells provided for use

▲ Bring a journal and water

Soul {a nutritious super fuel} will be provided

 Limited spots available!

Sign up NOW!

Contact Rachel at 

Jenkintown Fitness Festival

Rachel Rubin

Come ALL to the first annual Jenkintown Fitness Festival! A day of fun and fitness for the whole family! Sponsored by Fitness With Rachel, Edge Dance Co and Whole Foods...

Join in group workouts with top fitness instructors in the area and engage with community businesses and members offering goods and services to enhance your well being.

What an awesome day for all! Check out the website for all pics of the fun and fitness we had!

Girls Night Out and The New Balance Movement

Rachel Rubin

Remember back in 1995 when we all had to have the New Balance classics! And we still remember this now! That's because we connected with the brand and now New Balance is back and better and ever. They're breaking through the saturation with a fresh approach to providing you with the ultimate fun fitness experience.

We all need to exercise, that's a fact. So how we perform and feel in this part of our life is so important. With Girls Night Out, New Balance is creating a community to cultivate strong inspired women on their personal and collective journey. I'm grateful to be a part of this project and purpose now and I'm so pumped to see how this changes our world. Join us ladies!!

This summer I'm lucky enough to be bringing Girls Night Out to Philly with the New Balance team! This city, my hometown, is the perfect place for this community to thrive and grow! We are bringing you an event filled with all things fun and fitness! Getting together with awesome women looking for the same type of fulfillment as you! Go food, good convo, one-of-a-kind workouts, drinks, dancing and swag!! What could be better?! The answer actually is nothing because if you've experienced it you know, and if not you want to!

Last night, at Girls Night Out, we got Booty and Arm Beach Body Ready and these ladies killed the kettlebell workout! We got our move on and sweat it up at Dilworth Park and then had a blast back at the store. Delish healthy food and yummy cocktails. We also each proclaimed our intention for this next month and actually wrote it down to be hung in the New Balance store. It was all around a mind, body, spirit experience and we thank everyone that came out and shared in it!  

Our first event was incredible we can't wait for the next! So Philly!...This is just the beginning. Look out for future GNO events this summer! And go visit the New Balance store on Walnut Street. It's beautiful and filled with amazing supportive staff and apparel.  

Check out all the moments captured from #NBGNO Philly


Teaming Up with New Balance Girls Night Out

Rachel Rubin

I've spent the last years redefining my life to better my mind, body and spirit. That's why I am so excited about teaming up with New Balance for their Girls Night Out events! This movement of fitness and fun offers a new social outlet for connecting and getting inspired.

Girls Night Out is an event for women to get excited about their fitness journey and involved in a community that supports their potential! I absolutely love what this is all about and am honored to now be a part of it!

Join me as I emcee and exercise with you through this awesome evening. There might even be a full blown dance party if I have anything to do with it! ;) 

And stayed tuned Philly! The store at 16th and Walnut just opened April 1st and we'll be doing GNO events their soon too! :)

#NBGNO #NewBalance #GirlsNightOut #FitWithRachel


Rachel Rubin

As my holiday gift to all you beautiful souls I'm offering a FREE body weight and kettlebell workout STREAMING LIVE at 8pm tonight.  Grab your laptops, tablets, or phones and join me.  Exercise your mind, body, and spirit in the comfort of your own home.  Ill be live for about an hour and be answering all of your questions.

Viewing on Laptop/Desktop Computer click here: Event Page

Viewing on a Phone or Tablet click here: Youtube Page

For the best viewing experience and to interact with me please use your laptop or desktop computer.

Soul Camp

Rachel Rubin

If I ever thought I would be back at camp at almost 30 years old for an experience as soothing and satisfying for my soul as it was when I was a kid, I would've thought I was dreaming. I came upon "Soul Camp" on Instragram, my haven for insta connection, and knew instantly I had to attend. It would be my first retreat, but I was diving in knowing I had to be a part of this. To combine all things mind, body, soul with the over night camp experience was the ultimate for me. 

I packed the car with my two soul sisters and we drove up to the mountains of Pennsylvania with our smiles on and hearts pumping in anticipation for what was to come. We had no idea what to expect but at this point in our journey we knew that by showing up, we were in for an expansive ride. We were the first to arrive, greeted by tie dye and warmth and brought to our bunk. Just as it was 15 years ago. One room, wood cabin, lined with 15 single beds and a community open stalled bathroom. I immediately felt the rush of knowing that this environment would bring all of us women together in a way unlike anything in life and connections would form instantly. A knowing that was soon revealed.

While we waited for others to arrive, we put on our bathing suits and went straight to the lake to paddle board. Which was a first for me! We stood up and paddled out to the middle of the water. Looked around and at each other and knew we were in pure bliss. Knew we were in for more awakening. More experience. More connection. More consciousness and clarity. And more fulfilling fun! All arrived and settled in for the next part of our journey. This leg however would be different from all the rest to date. This personal journey of life we are all on, was about to be opened up wide, to include a community. A community of others aligned. To a safe space of open hearts and minds. To a place that supported transformation and offered the sanctity of healing. This was our new home. All of ours. Our new family. The support for our soul. For our journey through life. I was home. And oh how grateful I was to have arrived.

The first night kicked off the powerfully potent process with a Fear Burning ceremony. The beautiful camp and staff built an incredible bon fire for us all to gather around. A soul sister, Julie, picked up the mic and led us through an exercise of writing down what we wanted to release, get rid of in our life and let go of. After such breath and words of wisdom, Julie led us to throw this card into the fire and chant Swaha, sanskrit for Let Go. Swaha! Swaha! We all chanted and the words vibrated through us all. Louder. Stronger. Pulsing through us. Individually and together. Incredible it was. Transformative. We spent the rest of that night around the fire connecting with others. Connecting in a way that I've only rarely felt before. Open hearts. Open minds. People wanting to know you. Not about what you do or have. The things in society that define us now. But about who you are and your dreams. Your journey, your goals. Why you were there. What you wanted now in life. Looking deeply into each others eyes. Speaking from the soul. Connecting from the heart. That was the vibe between all this weekend. That's how this crew of people became a community. With all guards down and all walls breaking, we were all here together.

Let me tell you, this weekend was exhaustingly exquisite! From revelee early wake up, to packed in periods of all things mind, body, spirit. There was absolutely no lack here. We got our time and moneys worth that was for sure. We tapped into every part of us possible with the brilliant guidance of some awesome instructors. To name a few: Intensati with Patricia Moreno, Vikaz Chiropractic with David Mehler, Heart Centered Yoga with Ashley Turner, Access Your Intuition with Betsey Cohen, Meditation with Terri Cole. The list was abundant and full of knowledge and practice to put to positive use in life. We were also fueled with the best nutritious foods prepared and presented in the communal dining hall. Plenty of snacks and goodies throughout the day to keep your energy vibrating as high as your frequency was. Evening activities besides the bon fire included a fun blue vs red competition, talent show and full blown dance party to the beats of DJ Tasha Blank. Literally she kills it. And to think everyone here was sober... a much different reality than what most are immersed in as "fun". All dancing to the beautiful beat of their own drum and loving life as is, together. It was incredible.

Truly this experience took me above and beyond the holds of reality. But not in an escapist way. Instead it made it clear that I can incorporate this life of love, abundance, acceptance and transcendence into my every day life. There is no reason to not feel as connected to myself and others and the beauty of all, in every thing we do. This community is onto something. Something profoundly life altering. World shifting. This is just the beginning...

I am so excited and honored to announce that I will be teaching at Soul Camp 2015! So secure your spot today and come experience some life changing amazingness with me! Sign up here... !!

Hope to see you at camp next year!!   

Teaming Up with The Movement

Rachel Rubin

I'm so pumped to be teaming up with Heidi Kristoffer and The Movement of NYC to offer an amazing morning of exercise on the beach down the shore, this Sunday August 17th. 

The Movement is an awesome fitness facility focused on delivering to the people in NYC quality exercise programs and classes. They also focus on their community and giving back in order to move forward. I absolutely love what they stand for and I can't wait to finally work with them!

Come join us for an awesome morning of fitness and fun!  

Be You Be Sure

Rachel Rubin

Just recently I was introduced to the Be You Be Sure team and movement. You may believe in fate, but this was synchronicity at its best. At this time in my life I am focused on developing and sharing my mission to help others believe in themselves and create a life of value. Not value based on societal standards or what is thought to bring happiness. But truth and a fulfilling life based on who you are, what you're made of and how you can be the best, strongest most beautiful you. 

This is what Be Your Be Sure is all about. Encouraging young people to discover who they are, what they believe in and how they can live a life of purpose. This incredible team travels the country in an RV interviewing hundreds of twenty-somethings about identity, society, culture, adversity, change, triumph and all things of real worth. From this, they are writing a book compiled of much needed lessons for all to learn. This movement is major and I teamed up with them because this is what our world needs. People focused on spreading love and life through each individual. Empowering one at a time to live their truth. With each one, the world will be touched and positive change with flourish. All in all, making you, me and the world a better more loving peaceful place :)

Check out their Indiegogo campaign to support the project and stay connected with the awesome team as they continue their mission and spread the movement! 

Mind, Body, Spirit Seminar

Rachel Rubin

This was a dream come true! I had the honor of hosting the Moms in Training team of Philly and other incredible women for a fitness fundraising event to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I created this Mind, Body, Spirit Seminar to teach these women how to connect with their minds, control their body and affect their spirit.

We all had the honor of listening to Ashley Markowich kick off the event with a moment that struck every chord on living for the now and being a survivor. Ashley was able to announce that she is now cancer free after battling Stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Her experience touched every heart and soul in the room and connected us all with the importance of love and support. Thank you again Ashley for sharing your life and journey with us.

I led the women on an intro to developing the basics of a strong, positive and productive lifestyle. We spoke about the mind body awareness and connection, positive and negative self-talk, and using your energy.

The exercise workshop included Fitness With Rachel fundamentals: total body functional and core strength, balance and flexibility and kettlebell training. My goal was for each of them to learn principles to adapt into their routine to help them take their mind and body to the next level. 

The day concluded with a wholesome Mind, Body, Spirit smoothie bar, raffles and a silent auction for awesome goodies donated from gracious businesses in the Philadelphia area. 

I enjoyed my time with these women so much and to unite for a cause made the experience even greater for all. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated. Looking forward to many more Mind, Body, Spirit events and spreading the movement of strong, healthy positive living!