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Connecting to Our Earth

Rachel Rubin

There's something about connecting to the Earth that makes us feel alive. Whether it's sinking our feet into the grass or diving into the ocean, touching the natural elements is an important part of being human.

I noticed that living up north we are bunkered down inside for months straight. We cover our skin from the cold and sink our feet into our Uggs. I decided through these last winter months that it's part of what contributes to our feeling icky, bummed out or unmotivated. Not feeling the energy of the sun or exposing our parts to the Earth can really take effect on our mental, emotional and physical well being. Symptoms and sickness show themselves as signs our body is yearning for this core connection.

It's this fundamental factor of being connected that I believe keeps us going. I compare us humans to other living things too, such as plants and animals. In the winter they are bare, they hibernate. We're made of the same matter. It only makes sense that we then naturally do the same. The only issue is that we're expected to function daily and perform on higher levels than conditions allow. 

I also realize the thought that we are a society built on our material possessions now. We stay inside with our heaters on. Cover ourselves with coats and blankets. Even in the warm days, we use sun block, wear sandals, rely on our air conditioning. Yes we are so fortunate to have these things to keep us more comfortable but they actually do create separation for us from our natural habitat and conditions. We don't realize that this drives us further away from our true essence and funks us up. 

So all I suggest (for myself and all) is to expose yourself as much as possible to the pure properties of the planet. Sit in the sunlight through your window. Play in the snow. Dance in the rain. Run in the cold. Smell the flowers. Sit under a tree. Put your feet in the sand. Do what you can to feel the elements and connect to natural materials. We are of the Earth so it sensibly equates that we must feed this connection to fuel our selves and keep us thriving. It will simply create more joy and fulfillment in your self and your life. Your mind, body and spirit need it and will thank you :)