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Happy Holy-Days

Rachel Rubin

For the first time in my life I am connecting with the true essence of the holiday season. My daughter is 3 now and fully understands the world around her and is speaking of the holidays as the special time it is made to be. This gets me all sentimental and has resulted in the opening of my resistance to the hoopla. See I'm Jewish and when I was young we wouldn't celebrate Christmas. So this time of year would roll around and I would beautifully celebrate Hanukkah but not pay much attention to the cheer of xmas and the man in the suit. But now, now I have new perspective. Now I see the big picture. Now I see the purpose. 

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, whatever you celebrate, they are times in our lives to stop and be present. Not get presents. But be present. Put the hustle and bustle of our daily world in the background to just be here and now with the ones we love, and with ourselves. We've strayed too far from this, so focused on the excess of getting and giving and decorating, with things. When the real place that wants to feel the exchange of love and joy is the heart and soul, with warmth and presence and true gratitude. So I offer you a shift in perspective to not stress about the stuff and instead show up with just who you are and offer all of that, to all you love.

I also think about the history and what we know of each holiday. Of the eight days and nights of light, of Jesus, of Santa. The stories. These are all just stories. Not to say without truth. But in truth are written and told accounts passed through generations, cultures, eras of time, to get to us as they are now. Instead of approaching these with disbelief (as I personally used to), we can honor their existence as a powerful part of evolution. Story telling is the fuel to our evolving. It is the beautifully intelligent, natural way for us humans to connect the dots. To share, to express, to perpetuate life. So how special is this time of year then for all to come together in celebration of that. Of the power of our stories. I invite you to take this time with your family to open and share, hold space and listen, to each other and what is impactful or meaningful in your life. Hold the space for each other to express your story and contribute your part to the evolution of your family and our world collectively. 

And finally I feel this time of year appropriately falls at the end of one and the beginning of the next. The perfect time for a pause. A time to reflect on the year behind. How you grew, who you became, how things changed, what you accomplished, what also may not have realized in your life. To pause and look back at your reel in review. Give yourself this time. A year is a big span where lots can change. Do you take advantage of this or do you go on everyday the same. Pause and let yourself think deeper. Creating this depth will help create purpose for the coming year. Think about, and feel in your body, what you want next year to be like. What do you want to do, how do you want to feel, what do you want to change, how can you grow. Begin the process of embodying who this self is.

So now is the time for reflection and conception. A time to be present for yourself and those around you. A time to give from your heart. A time to heal. A time to believe. To believe in the power of story and of your story. To believe in these days as holy, as they are. And to transfer that to each and every day of your existence. As this life is holy and so beautiful to live and share with all.  Happy Holidays my friends.