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Whole Body at Whole Foods

Rachel Rubin

When we think of Whole Foods we think organic, healthy food. We're drawn to shop there because we know we're getting the best possible nutrition sources for our selves. It's beautiful to know we now have the awareness to want to take care of our bodies to the best of our ability and we have a place and community like Whole Foods to support us.

Whole Foods takes the one stop shop for wellness to the next level and it's time we educate on all of their offerings. Whole Body is their department that provides care for every part of you and your family. From the best products for your skin and systems, to the best care for your kids needs and an abundance of goodies to decorate your home and enlighten your life in all areas. Their mission is to provide you with the highest quality and most naturally clean and safe options for every part of your healthy lifestyle.

What sets the Whole Body experience apart from buying products elsewhere is the delightfully educated specialists that are eager to guide you in purchasing the products that match your needs. Not only will you leave with your essential items but you will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of how to take care of yourself better.  

So remember, you need more than just the best quality food to nourish and tend to yourself right, and Whole Foods has it all!! Check it out next time you're there! And go shopping this Black Friday for their awesome 25% SALE and treat yourself and the ones you're grateful for with some Whole Body goodies.

Some of my absolute favorite Whole Body products are the pure oils that naturally work with your body to remedy so many conditions. Like this lavender I use on my child's feet to sooth her soul before bed. For the little ones (and you!) I also love their collection of Burt's Bees products and clothing that guarantees pesticide free products and anti child labor manufacturing. I also just discovered this Aztec Healing Clay mask and Yes! it rid of my black heads and rejuvenated my skin in just 10 mins and for only $7! My go-to whenever I'm in Whole Foods is to check out what fresh salts and scrubs they have that are made in house! I love tossing them in the tub for myself, and my little one loves to throw them in too. They revitalize your senses and the scrubs feel amazing! 

Go find your new favorite must have products at your Whole Body now!! Educate and have fun while making your body healthy inside and out!!