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Mommy and Me Yoga

Rachel Rubin

My little boo surprised me at the end of class today :) She loves jumping right in to whatever Mommy's doing so I thought I'd set up the camera and see what she does! Impromptu movement sessions are awesome for getting your child in their body and having fun! Here's a few basic yoga moves that you can work on with your little one.

Remember to help them by identifying their body parts and being hands on. This really helps develop their mind body connection. First get them on their belly for cobra position. Hold each position for about 30 secs. Now transition into childs pose by pressing up on your knees and sitting back on your heels. Again guide them through it! Now tuck toes under and press into downward dog. This pose seems like a natural kid favorite! Add a little leg lift at the end too if they're really going for it. Walk your hands into your feet and finish with a gentle forward fold. 

This is a great yoga combo to do yourself and with you little one on the regular!