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Intro to the Idea of Energy Care

Rachel Rubin

I've been immersed this past year in connecting with energy. Recognizing that all living things are energetic beings. Made up of mere molecules. Malleable. Constantly moving and shaping. Constantly absorbing and affected. Constantly affecting. We are energetic beings in a physical world. We have lost our connection with the very existence of us on the Earth and I am making it my mission to reconnect us all with ourselves and all other energy around us. It is time...

I made this video a few months ago but I want to share it now. This is just the beginning for me of shedding Light on the idea that we must focus on caring for this part of us and our world in order to feel pure consciousness, joy and connection to this life. Much more to come... :)

More About Jody and what she does:

Jody is blessed with the gift of connecting with you in such a way that ultimately makes you feel better. Better as in clearer, lighter, brighter. Better as in more aware, more conscious and more in control of you and your environment. She makes you feel more. More happiness, more awake, more alive. Jody measures and manipulates life on the frequency of energy. This field is everything. It is what all living things are made of and is what controls our existence. 

Jody will explain this to you herself if you are interested but I think it's important I lay down the groundwork for your experience so you maybe feel more comfortable to step into the unknown. Your session with Jody is remote. Meaning you lay peacefully in your own home and she accesses your aura from where she is. Sounds interesting right? Because it is. Awesomely interesting :) Check out Jody's website to connect with her and learn more!