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Power Glide Workout

Rachel Rubin

I am so pumped up from what was created in class today. There are times when I will get in such a zone that I feel out and actually create a workout. Nothing I've really ever seen before, but always built on one thing... Using your entire body to move and challenge functional, foundational strength. 

I went for my rags today to switch it up from kettlebells, but my mind didn't pick up 1 rag, instead I grabbed 4. I envisioned and planned to execute a total hour workout using gliding power and strength from each extremity. It was awesome!! Incredibly challenging, yet incredibly rewarding for connecting with your mind, body and spirit and performing a kick ass exercise routine. Was so proud of my girls for showing up as they always do to play around with me!

When I sat down to edit this video and think about what to name this workout it came to me... it doesn't need a label. I really don't like labels for much of anything! Because it is not about what it's called, it's about what it is. Total body movement that builds a fit form to function best in life. This workout just so happens to also be killer challenging which seems to be the theme for me as I always push the limits ;) So grab yourself some rags or whatever glides and power up your exercise routine with this ridiculous total body and core blasting workout. Get it! 

Try each of these 4 exercises how ever many times you want to challenge your core and blast your total body!

1. Start on all fours with rags under both your hands (under shoulders) and feet, body in a straight strong line. Glide and pull your feet in with your core, knees to chest. Then glide your hands back out to your strong starting position. 

2. Start with rags under all fours and body in a straight strong line. Glide your opposite hand and foot up at the same time, and follow with your other hand and foot. As if you are crawling across the floor!

3. Turn to the side. Start with rags under all fours and body in a straight strong line.  Lead out to the side with your same hand and foot. Pull your other hand and foot in to meet at starting position.

4. Circles with each extremity! Start by gliding one hand up over head and out in a circle to the side, finishing back under your chest. Follow by gliding one foot up, knee to chest, and guiding your leg out in a circle back to starting position. Remember to use your core to control your movement! Hit each of the 4 points. Perform till you can't do anymore!