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Smoothies For Life

Rachel Rubin

In the last year or so I've been obsessed with smoothies. I get asked all the time about how to eat right and lose weight. It's a tricky answer because there is no one specific way that works for everyone. It's important to recognize that each persons lifestyle and schedule is different and not one things works for everyone. However, my answer now that is universal for all is Smoothies!

I'm so hooked because of the countless benefits. The main one is how easy it is to get the daily dose of what your body needs. It is so important that everyday you are ingesting the proper vitamins and nutrients to build immunity, fight disease and yes digest food properly to keep your weight healthy. Smoothies are a guaranteed quick way to get this boost. Combining multiple servings of fruit, veggies, grains and nuts all with compounds of protein, fat, carbs. All the simple, yet complex kinds that your body needs to keep healthy and functioning. The major plus too is the natural energy your body derives from these foods. You will literally feel great!

Here is a list of a few of my favorite combinations and some tips on how to make them most flavorful: 

Tips on making them Tasty:

- The best base is a banana or pineapple. It helps with the sweetness. Apples are ok too but not as sweet.

- Add some water and ice to help blend, cool and liquify.

- Squeeze a lemon or lime (or add the whole thing) to help the acidity and balance of the flavors of the ingredients.

- Use less veggies than fruit. With earthy veggies like beets, a small amount will do so the flavor doesn't over power.

- Other great leafy greens to use are of course spinach, collards and swiss chard.

- Micro greens like parsley, cilantro and sprouts are awesome for flavor and nutrient density. 

- Nuts and seeds are a great way to make your smoothies more filling and add good fats that your body needs. Use whatever you like!

- You can always add some yogurt too!

Happy Smoothie making!!! Enjoy the freshness you taste and feel all over!!