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How To Foam Roll

Rachel Rubin

Exercise isn't about how intense your workout is, how much you sweat or how many calories you burn. It's about how your body feels. Not just how strong, but how pain free you are. Therefore your fierce fitness needs to be balanced with a good recovery routine. Foam rolling is an easy and efficient way to manage pain and help restore your bodys musculoskeletal system. The concept is essentially self massage. You are kneading your muscles and tendons to help relax them and bring them to a comfortable, functional state.

It's important to recognize that pain you feel in some parts of your body is not directly connected to that area, and is actually linked to tightness or weakness in another part. Foam rolling works out your larger, dominant muscles such as your upper back and legs, to help relieve pain in auxiliary parts such as your lower back and knees. So make sure you hit each area and not just focus directly where your pain is.

Foam rolling is actually great core exercise too. It helps develop balance and control strength as you move slowly and stabilize your body. You will see and feel all of these results as you practice and get comfortable with the movements. 

Here's a video of basic foam rolling exercises. Develop a healthy habit for this awesome feel good functional tool. I've been using it regularly for years and I know how good it keeps my body feeling. Get rolling! :)