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Fit Ball Workout with a Friend!

Rachel Rubin

Excited to share with you an awesome complete total body workout with an exercise ball. I'm always teaching with kettlebells so when I get a chance to pick up another favorite tool I love to get creative and get my body moving in different ways. And it's always more fun to sweat with a friend!

An exercise ball is awesome for targeting your small balance muscles that provide you with your foundational, functional life long strength. Feel how challenging this is for your core and your stability and feel how you must engage your every muscle in every move. Go grab a friend and a ball and get moving!


Perform this workout 3x through.

1. Glute Roll Out: Legs out straight. Heels on the ball. Lift your hips and roll the ball in onto your flat feet. Keep your hips up and abs in as you roll the ball back out. x10

2. Glute Bridge: Roll the ball in like you did with the last exercise. Now hinge and drop your hips to the ground and then extend them all the way up. x10

3. Ball Squat: Take a strong squat position. Hold the ball in front of you. Keep your neck relaxed, chest flexed and belly button sucked in tight to your spine. x10

4. Ball Lift: Take you ball squat and now lift the ball up over head as your squat down deep. Use your shoulders and core to lift the ball. x10

5. Ball Chop: Gripping the ball still, lower it to one hip as you squat naturally. Lift it up high and drop it to the other side. Alternate sides for 30 secs.

6. Pikes: Start with your belly on the ball. Walk your body out with your hands into a strong plank position. Pike up at your hips, pull your core in and roll the ball in. Tuck your head under to increase your pike position. x10

7. Ball Pass: On your back, pass the ball from your hands to legs. Squeeze the ball with your legs as you lower and lift them to activate your core. 30 secs.

8. Walk Out Tuck: Start with your belly on the ball. Walk your body out with your hands to a strong straight position. Pull your knees and the ball into your chest. Walk yourself back out returning to starting position. Do 1 min.