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Why Kettlebells?!

Rachel Rubin

I absolutely swear by kettlebells and their effectiveness at transforming your body. There is no other tool that strengthens your core in a more functional and powerful way. My favorite perk to kb training is how it teaches you to engage your mind and connect with every movement while exercising. Here's a list of 10 specific reasons kettlebells are #1 for training.

  1. Kick up your Cardio: Working out with a kettlebell is serious cardio training without the boredom of a treadmill or elliptical.  A recent study shows that kb training burns 20 cals/min, that’s 1,200/hour and because of the intense muscle activation, the afterburn lasts for hours (and days ;). Besides losing calories, and unlike the most mainstream ideas of cardio, kettlebells train your heart rate. You’ll feel that performing basic moves like swings gets your heart pumping and gets you breathing heavy. This is the real deal cardio training!
  2. Increased Functional Strength: Functional training is characterized as performing exercises that strengthen your everyday movement patterns. Kettlebells do this better than any other workout, because all traditional kb moves are performed as continuous, dynamic movements, not static repetitions like other weight lifting. A perfect example of this is the Get-Up. You begin this exercise lying on your back, then you progress to sitting up, kneeling and standing, and then back through those movements. What greater strength do you need for everyday life?
  3. Total Body Workout: Kettlebells dynamic exercises allow you to work multiple muscles groups at once instead of traditional isolated body building. This means that every muscle in your body will get sufficient work, in just one workout. This is the best way to build lean muscle mass and lose inches overall.
  4. Increased Core Strength: The design of a kettlebell and its training methods are intended to target the trunk/core of your body, where all movement comes from. Therefore, to perform kb movements, you must activate and contract your core muscles throughout an entire exercise. This includes your abs, hips, back, butt and legs. No other workout does it like kettlebells.
  5. Increased Power and EnduranceKettlebell exercises, such as the snatch, are executed by using the force of your own body, and also your ability to counteract the momentum of that force. This functional concept trains your power and endurance.
  6. Pain Prevention: Because kettlebell training uses highly functional movements, it actually realigns the body’s muscles and conditions them in the proper ways, preventing weakness and further injuries, especially in your back. The movement patterns used in kb training also train your body's functional strength to help prevent injury and sustain proper posture. 
  7. Time and Cost Efficient: This fat blasting, muscle sculpting piece of equipment is a one time fee of $20-100 (depending on size) and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Unlike paying for a monthly gym membership, adding up to hundreds per year. Invest properly in your body.
  8. Exercise Anywhere: All you need is a small space to perform an entire kettlebell workout. No need to go to a gym! You can do it in the comfort of your own home, outdoors or where ever. And you can bring it with you anywhere!
  9. They’re FUN!: I know most of you are rolling your eyes, but the unique aspects of kb training let you use creativity in your workout. You're training your whole body every time so feel free to switch it up!
  10. It’s all you need!: Because kettlebell training is so effective at strengthening your entire mind and body it is really all you need to train for a fit, functional, healthy life.