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The Mind Body Connection

Rachel Rubin

Probably the most popular question I am asked is How?! How do I get a ... The answer is not a specific exercise or a type of workout or the amount of hours put in. The answer is the life changing development of your mind body connection. This is the key to taking your everything, mind, body and spirit to the next level. 

Your mind body connection is based on the concept that your mind is in control of your body and literally tells it what to do in order to create movement. When you want to take a step or reach for something, your mind sends a signal to your body to do it. Sounds simple yes. And it is. But unfortunately over time, and as we get older, we lose the ability to tap into this sense. We are so used to whatever regular actions and motions we take part in that our mind body connection begins to deteriorate. Instead of connecting with your movement, we are just going through the motion. This is detrimental to our strength and our selves. We lose touch with our capabilities and coordination and our mind slowly forgets that it is in control of our body. 

This mind body connection needs daily work and development. Tap into that part of you repeatedly and regularly to build its strength and function. In relation to exercise, this connection is what transcends the idea of a "workout". It takes you from going through the motion to connecting with and being the movement. 

While exercising you must be present. During each rep you must use your mind and actually tell your body what to do. Tell your body how to move, tell your body which muscles to contract, which part of you to lift, where to initiate movement, where to hold or balance or create power. This is the mind body connection. For example, when performing a kettlebell swing, you want to tell your body to initiate movement back with your hips, contract your butt and leg muscles to swing the bell forward, suck in your belly button and pull up with your abs, elongate through your core to stand straight and strong, keep your weight on your heels, relax your neck, maintain a flat back. This may seem like a lot but this is what it is all about. You have to be completely connected and in control of how you want to use your body and make it move through each exercise and rep. So during your workout my mission for you is to think. Think about what you are doing and how you are doing it. Get connected. 

Taking it one step further, work on developing this connection in your everyday life and activity. Your posture and how you carry yourself is a direct result of this core value. When you sit or stand, focus on keeping your shoulders back, your chest up and your stomach in. Being in touch with your physical self allows you to age with grace and strength to perform lifes functions properly.

Yes the development of this connection takes time and practice. The result however is that the stronger it becomes, the stronger you become. Your body will thank you and show you how grateful it is. You will feel more in control of yourself not only in your workouts but in all aspects of your life. Tap into your mind and its abilities will take you and your body to the next level. Carry this as the foundation of your strength, knowing that whatever it is you want to accomplish, all you have to do is connect with yourself and create that change.