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Head Stands for Your Health

Rachel Rubin

Been dreaming of head stands on the beach since this weekend. Most of you that haven't tried one since you were a kid probably think it's impossible now or question why do it?! My favorite thing about a stand is the thought of how reenergizing it is for your body. All day every day our blood sits down because of gravity. When you stand on your head the blood flows up to points it works to reach regularly, gets a nice swirl all around, sends some extra flow to your face and brain, and gives your heart a little break. The benefits of practicing these regularly are bountiful for your mind and body and only naturally obtained through these movements. Even if you are afraid, or think you can't (which you can) give them a try. Find a friend to help and try with you! Start up against the wall for support. Keep your head tucked under and your weight lifted up and core activated doing the balancing work. Trust your ability and strength. Now hold it there and breathhh. Feel the flow!! It's invigorating.

Here's a complete list of the super body mind benefits of practicing head and hand stands. Read and turn your life and self upside down!