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Rachel Rubin

Fear. It comes in all forms. Most you don't know about. Most masked as insecurity, uncertainty and the unknown. The base of fear is an uneasy feeling that controls impulses and behavior. Recognizing what aspects of your life are fear based helps to overcome what dimensions scare you. What do you not believe you are capable of? What will hurt you? Or hold you back? Are you afraid of "failing"? Look at it with perspective. Ask yourself, Why am I afraid? What is stopping you? 

Because it is all an illusion. There is no real reason to fear. The reasons are nothing but manifestations of comfort zones you've developed throughout your life. These are ways you cope, your habits, routines, thought patterns. All created to keep you feeling "safe". All of your desires outside of these processes are kept as desires because of fear. Fear keeps you from obtaining your purest and greatest truth.

Fear shows itself every day as excuses and insecurities. You tell yourself you can't, or you don't want to, or you aren't. It's too hard, what will so and so say. These are the barriers of fear.

Face them. Realize you are limiting your own potential. Realize there is nothing to be afraid of. Once you recognize these forms of fear, your mind opens, your body awakens, your aura wall cracks. The light comes in. You feel a shift and realize you have control. These fears are here for growth. Face that feeling openly and tell yourself that you will go through it. On the other side is fulfillment. Of your desires, reality and personal strength.