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Have Your Own Dance Party!

Rachel Rubin

So many times when I go to tape a fitness video I put on my favorite song of the moment and immediately get lost in it and start grooving. It just feels so good! And I'm all about doing anything that makes me feel good! This post is literally to inspire you to put on your fave jam and totally let loose and have some fun. With yourself! When you're feeling low or tired or in a funk, dancing is the cure. It's been since the beginning of time. You can make a beat with your mouth, hands or feet, that's how much rhythm is a part of our being. It taps into the deepest part of us. To our soul. Watch any child. Before they can even walk or talk, they bounce and move to a beat. Music hits that chord. That chord of love. It's our purest programming. Our foundational flow. So I prompt you to tap into that. By yourself. With yourself. Move however it makes you feel. No shame, no judgement. Just you and your body doing whatever it feels. Your mind, body, soul and spirit will thank you :) xo