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It Starts in Your Mind

Rachel Rubin

I love getting new beings in class because I love watching each person hit new levels of growth to realize their full potential. Each is unique to their own bodies and obstacles but my basic approach to healing is the same for all.  Starts with the mind, translates into the body and transcends to spirit. My mission is to hold the hand of each person that shows up and to guide them through the process of getting fit for life.

When people come to me they expect only fitness. Goals based on losing weight, gaining strength, managing pain and all things alike. But what I've discovered is most want to go straight for the goal. This isn't their fault because our society is so goal oriented that we tend to ignore the process. As we've adapted to this way, we've actually lost sight of the steps to attaining what it is we desire. The ultimate really for all is living a healthy strong happy life. 

Most believe this is as simple as attending and performing a fitness class or regimen. And I so appreciate that motivation. But most forget the foundation of it all. This is where I like to connect. Connect each with the awareness that it all begins with your state of mind. Your understanding that you must be conscious of your thoughts and behaviors, patterns and movement. Our amazing intelligence can both positively control our lives or hinder them. It is up to us to make that choice. Here's the realization I have come to: most are completely unconsciousness of this control.

When someone steps into my class, it is not just my purpose to take them through a great workout, but I've recognized my desire and purpose to awaken their minds. Start their process. Set a light off. Pop their bubble. Clear some clutter. Start fresh. Fresh perspective on that reaching their goal is not a simple, straight forward process and is not actually directly related to anything specific such as an injury or a number on a scale. It is all about the process and it all begins with the mind.

Believing in yourself and your power. Being encouraging and gentle with your thoughts. Strong in your will. Consistent with your aim. Loving with your words. Conscious in how you are thinking, feeling, directing your emotions. Conscious of your body. Your connection with its needs and wants. Conscious of your consumption: your fuel intake, the company you keep, the toxicity in your life. Conscious of controlling these aspects. Conscious of being in command. Conscious that this is all a process and all we have is time. Change. Life. Conscious of the love it takes from your self. For yourself. Start your process with your mind and you body, soul and spirit will thank you with a much more fulfilled and precious life.