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I am so excited to connect with you! If you got here it's because you want help on your path to developing the strongest mind and body and creating a healthy, fit lifestyle.

When I originally started "working out" I thought it was a strange concept. I was active, danced and played sports, my whole life so the idea of having to go to a place to move your body to stay "in shape" felt forced. Immediately I understood fitness on a deeper level. Connecting with your mind and body to develop functional strength and power. This purpose resonated with me so strongly that I dove into expanding my knowledge, to share it and teach the truth of exercise. To break the vain culture and establish an understanding of being fit for life.

Once I developed a strong sense of my physical, I naturally expanding to working on the other aspects that play a part in the human experience. Energy. As the entire universe and each organism are made of it. With so much in our physical world now, we have lost touch with energy and it's power. Bringing awareness to this realm is powerful for recognizing your true potential. Your thoughts, words, actions, experiences all hold a certain frequency within you. This is the way in which you interact with your world. Practicing with this part of you will change your life indefinitely.

With my endless desire to grow it is my goal to guide you in your transformation. Physically, emotionally, mentally, collectively. It is all connected. We must understand ourselves in all areas to create a positive, productive lifestyle. And we must recognize our service to the greater good by creating empowered change.

So come with me on my journey as you create yours.  

Peace Love and Strength,



Rachel is a certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Medicine. Practiced and certified in kettlebells and yoga. Certified in Oneness Awakening.